Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Style Icon: Nancy Sinatra

Since I just uploaded a video with an outfit of mine inspired by Nancy Sinatra, I thought I would do a style inspiration post! It seemed fitting. Nancy Sinatra has always been one of largest fashion inspirations, just like Francoise Hardy. Nancy was another "it" girl of the 60s. Her music is wonderful, and if you haven't heard it I suggest checking out Bang Bang (a cover of a Cher song), Summerwine and Jackson, both of which she did with Lee Hazlewood. Her music and style embody this dream essence of the 60s I try as hard as I can to capture in my outfits. 

Her style is often accompanied by mod dresses. knee-high boots, and her voluminous hair. 

This image (I apologize for the low resolution) is from the video to Sugar Town. It is by far my favorite Nancy Sinatra song, but it is also one of my favorite music videos of all time. (Even though the song is about LSD!)

Below I have created several outfits that I drew all inspiration from Nancy! 

Nancy Sinatra 1

Nancy Sinatra 2

Nancy Sinatra 3

The first and second outfits stay more true to Nancy's style, while the last one moves into a more modern interpretation. Talk to you soon!

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  1. LOVE her music, style, and this post! The outfits you put together are just fantastic and so evocative of her!