Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lately: Up & Coming

Hey guys! How was your New Years!? Isn't it just nuts to think it's already 2014!
Anyway, I thought I'd share some photos of my life lately and what I've been up to, as well as introducing you to some changes I've made/will make for 2014!

First and foremost, I have changed my Etsy shop completely! As of 6 PM Central time, I will have all new vintage items up, as well as a new name! I felt that Wearable Wishes was too juvenile, so I have changed it to Mint Rose Vintage. I think it has a cute ring to it. Check it out at at 6 PM promptly! (That's Chicago time) Or click the caption in the photo below:
The next part of this update post is that I have a lot of super fun installments planned for this blob! I'm going to take this a little more seriously, and actually post more fashion related things. I haven't done an outfit post in ages, which is not fun because I have some seriously cute dresses to show you guys! I also would love to start reviewing items, so if you have a product you'd like me to review ~honestly~ send me an email at I'm also planning on doing film and music posts as well as much more photography! I'm really excited for this upcoming year, as school has calmed down and I should be able to dedicate a lot more time to this blog, my YouTube channel, and my Etsy shop. :)

Now down to life stuff! For Christmas my lovely mom bought me the cutest pair of boots you ever did see. I finally got my hands on some Hunter Wellies! Black patent but of course. I have been wearing them nonstop.

The day after Christmas I threw an ugly sweater and it was too much fun. At one point half the party was gathered around the piano rapping Christmas songs while they played them. Now I leave you with some pictures of my beautiful friends!

Asian boyfriends hahaha
And then on New Years a similar group of people got together and it was a good time. Unfortunately I left my phone and my sim card at home so I didn't get very many pictures!! But these are a couple my friends took.

How has your holiday season been!? Can't wait to continue to talk to you this year. But currently, I need to attend to my Lord of the Rings marathon. Talk to you soon,

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  1. Happy New Year! May 2014 bring you lots of wonderful opportunities and happiness! ♥