Sunday, October 19, 2014

OOTD: A little Daphne, A Little Velma

How are you doing on this lovely Sunday?
I had come to the realization that October is already almost over, and I hadn't taken advantage of the pretty fall weather or anything yet! So today I went outside with a friend and took some cute lil outfit photos for you guys.

I love this dress not only because I think it's adorable, but also because it completely reminds me of Daphne from Scooby Doo! I can't take that title too heavily, though, because so many people constantly tell me that I remind them of Velma. I'll take the middle road. :)


| Dress: Vintage from eBay | Belt: Vintage from Via's Vintage | Socks: eBay | Shoes: Bait Footwear | Glasses: Rialto Frames from Bonlook |

Seriously though, where has all of the time gone? I can hardly believe that this month is almost over; I guess I get so lost in the week to the weekend that time just starts to fly by. I'm a little upset that I haven't been documenting my first few months of college as well as I would have liked, but at the same time, it's good that I'm focusing on just being in the present. 

I hope you have a wonderful & relaxing end to your weekend!


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Outfit of the Day: A Lost Fairy

| Top: Thrifted Skirt: eBay Socks: Nordstrom Crown: DIY |

This outfit is from a few months back (right before I left for college!) when I went to the renaissance faire, and I couldn't help but dress up like a little fairy. ^_^ 

The renaissance faire is something I look forward to every summer. I love the excuse to dress up, throw tomatoes at bad comedians, and listen to really great music. 

On my way I noticed the prettiest little patch of wildflowers along route 45 in Wisconsin, and I  couldn't resist the urge to have a little impromptu photo shoot. (Thank goodness I had my camera!) It was funny, because at one point this couple in a car pulled over and asked if everything was okay--I was just taking pictures, haha!


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Blue Envelope

I left my heart at your house,
I slipped a dainty, blue envelope
Quickly through the door.
I folded the edges
As sweetly as I could,
But still my heart remains,
Lying on your floor.

I left my heart in your garden,
The birds sang softly
As it fell slowly to the ground.
Like a petal it floated
In the summer’s air,
But still my heart remains
Untouched, without a sound.

I left my heart in your hands,
I passed it over, just for a moment,
Still chilled from the dew,
Warmed with a subtle hint
Of my affection.
And still my heart remains
With you.

I wrote this poem for my poetry class, and it's one of my poems I feel is actually worth sharing. My professor told me this reminded her of something a female poet from the 19th century would have written, and I love that. 


Monday, October 6, 2014

A Style Icon: Anna Karina (Alphaville)

Hello everyone! How are you today?
I thought I would do (yet another) style icon post today. I guess you could say I have been feeling especially inspired recently. One of my favorite films (of all time) is the 1965 film Alphaville directed by Jean-Luc Godard. It is absolutely gorgeous and interesting and essentially perfect. Every time I watch it, I am always reminded of how much I love Anna Karina. Not only is she a fantastic actress, but I feel drawn to every persona she plays in films. She is the epitome of an "it" girl.

All of the above are my four favorite photographs of her! They are all so absolutely gorgeous, and I can't help but feel incredibly inspired by her persona. 

All images are from google images

Me recreating the first image (hahaha)

Mod French 60s: Anna Karina 1

Modern 60s: Anna Karina 2

The first outfit is a more direct translation from Alphaville to real life; whereas, my second Karina-inspired outfit is much more adapted to what a modern, 60s outfit would look like with a pop of color. I love the interesting contrast between the B&W of the first and the largely-colorful second. 

Which do you prefer?


Thursday, October 2, 2014

A French Noir Moodboard: Short Film

Hello all!

I am part of a film club on my campus, and this months challenge is to create a 2 minute, dramatic short film, and of course I immediately chose to create a 40s noir inspired film. It's the perfect combination of drama and mystery. In order to prep for shooting the film (I'm going to shoot it at some point this weekend !!!!!) I made a cute lil moodboard. ^^