Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Style Inspiration: Boys Over Flowers

Hey guys! I know what you're thinking... "so much for 'daily' posts"... But I have a valid excuse! I swear!

For the past four days, I got completely caught up in this show called Boys Over Flowers (it's a Korean drama--don't question it). I have a completely obsessive personality, and being me, I finished the entire show on Netflix in four days. We're talking 25 episodes that are a little over an hour long each.


But luckily for you, I drew a lot of fashion inspiration from it, and I thought I would share it with you! I am absolutely in love with Korean fashion, so this was fun to do.

Geum Jan-di

The main female character's name is Geum Jan-di; she looks like this:

She's totally adorable and wears some really adorable outfits throughout the show. She wears a lot of cute sweaters and skirts with tights, and that fantastic school uniform... But we can't forget the over-the-knee socks. I couldn't get enough of those.

Geum Jan-di

geum Jan-di 2

I must head off to bed! How about you? Have you seen BOF? Did you like it? Do you have any other dramas you'd recommend? Do let me know ^^


Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Style Icon: Francoise Hardy

I can easily say that Francoise Hardy has been one of the biggest influences on my personal style out of all of the people I draw inspiration from. Her style is so effortlessly put together, and she is easily one of the quintessential "it-girls" of the 60s.

I can't get over how perfect her sweater/skirt/high-waist pant combinations work so beautifully. The combination of it all is so simple but yet so sophisticated. I'm using the term "sophisticated" loosely--it's not that necessarily modern and kind of up-tight sophisticated, but the "let me be your friend because you have your shit together" sophisticated.

I can't talk about just her style, though. Her music has this ability to make you feel something, despite the possible language barrier. I've taken only three years of French, so I barely understand the majority of the lyrics. Despite this, I still feel that raw emotion coming from her music. Whether it's an upbeat song or an emotional ballad, her music just gives you this fulfilled feeling of ~feelings~

I created a couple outfits on my Polyvore account that I feel embodies the style and feeling of Francoise's style and music. I'll leave you with these, and a picture from a couple of months ago of me pretending to be her. ;)

Francoise Hardy 1

Jane Norman cropped camisole
$15 -

$260 -

American apparel


Pins brooch

Francoise Hardy 2

Francoise Hardy 3

In My World

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