Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Obligatory New Years Resolutions

Hey guys, I find it necessary to post about my resolutions for next year. As there are only 2 days left on 2013, reality is sort of swirling into me and I'm freaking out a little. I also have 2 days left to finish up the last of my college apps. Oops.

Recently I've been grappling with the idea of social media like Facebook and Twitter, and why I even bother with them in the first place. I always feel like they don't add much positivity to my life, but every time I go to delete them, I stop myself for some strange reason. I guess it has something to do with the idea of interconnectivity and my brain's need to feel connected with my peers. Basically what I'm saying is that one of my resolutions for 2014 is to stop obsessing over the internet, and to focus more on real life. Most people don't care about what I'm thinking most of the time #realtalk (yeah yeah, leave me alone, I just did that).

Anyway, I put together a small list of the things I would like to improve, because I think they would all benefit my happiness.

1. Stop obsessively checking and using various social media.
I explained this above, but I think it's making me feel left out of experience in a sense. It's not at all conducive to being happy. It's just another way to compare myself to others.

2. Make videos at least once a week.
I love making YouTube videos; I absolutely adore it. One of my issues is that my brain transformed it into something I HAVE to do instead of something I WANT to do. Which brings me to:

3. Stop forcing yourself to do things a certain way. Let things happen; don't let plans dictate your life.
For some reason, this year I developed this nasty habit of forming plans in my head that seemed concrete, and if they failed or faltered for any reason, I would have a mini breakdown. It was not pretty.

4. Read 2 books a month. 
This is a given. I don't factor in nearly enough time into reading anymore.

5. Stop emotionally shopping.
Retail therapy. Empty wallet. Enough said.

6. Don't be afraid of the future.
I'll be taking a huge step into the future in 2014, and I want to make the most of the last bit of high school, rather than fretting it.

7. Make the most of every minute.
I procrastinate and waste more time than I would like. Sometimes I feel like without my issue mentioned in number 1 I would be much, much more productive.

8. Draw everyday (or close to it!)
My friend gifted me a beautiful sketchbook and set of colored pencils for Christmas, and I've started my daily drawing routine up again, and it has really helped me relax.

9. Write an EP.
I've been playing/writing music on and off for the past 3 years, and I would love to sit down and actually write an EP.

10. And finally, turn my Etsy shop/YouTube/Blog into something I can really work off of.
This one was a hard one to put into words, but I love blogging, and I love running my own Etsy shop. I would love to be able to build more on these and advance into the future, if that makes much sense at all.

I hope you have a lovely rest of 2014 if I don't talk to you beforehand. Make the most of it.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

What 2013 Has Taught Me

This year has been absolutely wonderful! It has obviously been full of ups and downs, as does every year, but I learned a lot about myself and others around me. I wanted to compile a list of things that 2013 has taught me, and what I need to keep in mind going into the next year, and taking the first steps into my future.

1. A clean room always means a clean mind. Sometimes an organized closet and a made bed can be one of the most relaxing things in the world.

2. More plans does not always mean better. Staying home on a Friday night is completely okay.

3. People don't generally care about how you look or dress as much as you think they do. Mostly they like you for YOU.

4. People put a completely different front on online. Sometimes we're not all we make ourselves out to be.

5. Reading trumps QuizUp. Every time. Put the damn phone down.

6. Rewards come to people who actually try. You will not be rewarded for thinking you deserve it. Hard work pays off.

7. You can tell a lot about a person by the state of their nails.

8. Everyone online isn't having as much fun as you think. (Taken from Portlandia; realized this year)

9. Your material possessions do not define who you are.

10. Wishing to be/be like someone else never brings good. It makes you only dislike yourself.

11. Relish in your individuality, and let yourself change. Don't feel the need to freeze yourself in time.

12. Rap is not bad.

13. Having money saved up feels nice, blowing it on food brings regret.

14. Lattes are the perfect cure to loneliness, sadness, general-unhappiness, and a sore throat.

15. Life keeps moving on. Don't be afraid of change. But also relish in the current moment; observe it in all its beauty.

16. Catalogue everything. Take pictures of everything. Keep it down in a chest of memories.

17. Don't be afraid of trying new things.

18. More is not always better. Sometimes it's much better to live simply.

19. The smaller things add up in the end.

20. Most of all, love who you are. Love your friends. Love your life.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Walk the Talk

Walk the Talk

Good morning! How are you on this lovely Saturday?
With all of the upcoming Holiday and New Years parties, I thought I would put together a total strut-worthy outfit. Every item in the outfit is from ModCloth, and I am completely enamored with it.

I've been into black quite a bit recently, and I love this idea of a two-tone outfit. It's mostly black with that pop of burgundy in the coat and the shoes. It very obviously adds a whole new level of sophistication when your shoes match your coat! (haha) What do you think of the outfit? 


Friday, December 20, 2013

I Need Some Room-Spiration

MY ROOM IS A MESS. Simple as that. It's embarrassingly messy, and I want to clean it, but being sick has me exhausted and I lack the motivation. Thank gob for the internetz. 

White on White on White
Currently, I am completely obsessed with white decor with slight pops of pale color. I find it completely relaxing, and with the right amount of silver mixed in, it feels so Christmas-y! All of these images were found on Tumblr under the tag 'White Room'



bedroom ♡ | via Tumblr


This room❤️Home sweet home

I think this is sufficient enough inspiration... and that idea in the last picture of hanging pictures from the ceiling is so cute! Now all I want is a fuzzy rug and blanket.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

What's up, life?

Selfie with my cat and my new anorak
Say hello to my kitty, Brycie, and my new anorak. I feel like everything that can be said about life has been said. 


How are you on this glorious Thursday? I'm quite smitten, actually. Even though I've been doing a lot of relaxing (I'm sick, dawg), I feel as if I've been rather productive. I'm currently waiting for a new and shiny thrift haul to upload to YouTube, and I can't wait for it to be up! I found the cutest stuff for my Etsy shop. And this beautiful parka that was originally $148 from Nordstrom (!!!!!!!!!). I've also actually cleared out a lot of junk from my hard drive on my MacBook Pro so it's actually functional! Yay!

But aside from my checklist items, I also got to spend some lovely time with one of my best friends over coffee and chatter at Starbucks. She just finished her last finals of high school ever (she's graduating early) and we just sat and talked about life and the future, and I am just too darn excited for life. I mean, I love high school and blah blah blah, but there is just so much more out there. I crave a little more freedom. (I go to a private school so I have a uniform, eugh). 

(if the video doesn't work, check back in an hour because it's probably still processing)

I'm simply happy. I love it. 


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

On Gender Codes and Why They Should Disappear

Hey guys! I saw something online tonight that bugged me a little, and I decided to write about it because why not? Anyway, I'm not the greatest writer when it comes to persuasion and rhetoric, but I'll give it a shot.

Have you ever seen that TV show on MTV called "Girl Code"? That horrid, awful show? I have, and upon first watch I actually thought it was funny. I thought,"Hey, this is great, MTV is airing a show that promotes female individuality and speaking out against what society has deemed feminine. Cool."

I was wrong.
I took another look and was appalled. This show is has nothing to do with feminism and freeing ourselves from the constraints of gender roles. It's the complete opposite. Let me analyze:

1. The idea of a girl code or a guy/bro code is completely bonkers. Who deemed at some point 50 years ago that an unspoken set of rules should underly EVERY WAKING DECISION OF AN ENTIRE GENDER'S LIFE. Like, what? The idea of an underlying code that should dictate my actions as "cool" or "uncool" or bad or good or totally not okay or righteous man is a supposed liberal way of saying that I belong in this group, so I best not step outside of it. All right. I should be able to act on my feelings, regardless of my gender. The last time I checked, my genitalia does not determine my interests or personality. That derives from my genetics, my habitat, and least of all my gender. 

2. This brings me to my next point: gender roles. Pink room, pink clothes, dolls and play kitchens, dresses, and eventually housewife. Sound familiar? I don't know if there has ever been a time that I've walked into a Toys R' Us and saw toys that weren't pink/purple/shiny/had to deal with beauty and the "ideal" life. The same goes for men. I'm not saying only women are the victims here; little boys are brought up on this unrealistic notion of masculinity that degrades anyone who steps outside the barriers of what's acceptable.

3. Putting my first two together, the aspect of "Girl Code" that irks me the most is that it has this fake front of feminism. The idea is so tantalizing--a show dedicated to talking about the pressures of society and how to overcome them and how to react in certain situations. Unfortunately, it does not come off this way. (PERSONAL VIEWS OK) 

What I noticed the most is that the show tries to be sarcastic and funny, which at times it can be (in cases of this Beyonce GIF I found. I lol'd) But what I find the most disturbing is its generalization about the female population as a whole. "Us" "We" and "Them" are common pronouns used to describe girls and how we should act or what we should like.

The picture that bothers me the most is the one I put in the beginning of this post. "You want to be thin, and you want to be pretty, but then there's pizza." This implies you can't be pretty if you're thin or you can't be happy if you're not thin and pretty. I know I'm probably reading a little too much into the semantics, but something about this really strikes a chord in me. The media has a complete stranglehold on the image of beauty and the self-confidence of millions of girls. If a TV show that is supposed to liberate women from this ideal is preaching the same ideas, how much better can it be than the rest of ads?

I don't like how this show is meant to be a voice expressing such "taboo" subjects when in reality my generation has mostly gotten over. Like OMG girls like pizza?? I never knew that. GIRLS FART????? That's totes a lie. And it's not just the fact that they treat such mundane, every day things like they're incredibly awful to talk about, but it's the fact that they treat it with such contempt and pretentiousness.

Does this resonate with any of you/make any sense?
Comment down below with your thoughts!


Monday, December 16, 2013

Etsy Discount

I just wanted to notify you that my Etsy shop is going to have a 35% discount on everything with the code WINTERLOVES until the end of December. I'm trying to clear out old items so I can update the look of my shop!

Check it out here!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Why Peter Jackson Should Make Me an Elf

In which I describe the various ways I am perfect elf material.

1. I definitely look like an elf. 

2. My D&D character is an elf named Anastasia. Boom. I have experience. 

3. I taught myself how to say some phrases in Elvish.

I'm ahead of the game.

4. I'm 5'9. Elves are tall. I'm tall. 

5. Last of all, I love Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit more than anything.

If you couldn't tell this post was a joke, it's a joke. (Unless you're Peter Jackson reading this then this is not a joke) But I just saw The Desolation of Smaug at the midnight premiere, and it was absolutely fantastic. I went with a couple of friends, and I dressed as an elf and another dressed as Gandalf. It was pretty awesome. Have you seen it yet? What did you think?


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Wishes pt. 1

Hello everyone! Since Christmas is coming up, and my parents keep asking me what I want for Christmas, I decided I would make a post detailing some items that I've been coveting. Here are a few things on my list:

Source: Oasap
I originally saw this absolutely adorable dress on Tori Lynne's blog Generations Collective. I just recently found her blog, but I am completely in love with it. She is gorgeous, and her style is impeccable--as is her Etsy shop! I totally recommend checking it out.

I was so inspired by her outfits, that I fell in love with this dress from Oasap! Definitely high up on my list.

Source: Oasap
In the same post that she was wearing the dress above, she was also wearing this perfect hat. I love the wine color, as it definitely transcends across all seasons. 

Dahlia Caroline Scallop Edge Collar Dress with Belt
Source: Dahlia
This dress from Dahlia is also incredibly high up on my list! I'm a huge proponent fro winter whites, and this dress hits the spot. The sleeves and color are just so dainty and picturesque and crisp next to the off-white chiffon.

If you know me well, then you know that I listen to a lot music, and I'm incredibly particular with the music I listen to. Here's some of my top picks I'd love to have on vinyl.

Arctic Monkeys-AM
Found HERE

Best Coast-Crazy For you
Found HERE
A couple of other records I'd love to own:
  • The Velvet Underground & Nico
  • Bon Iver-For Emma
  • Paradise-Lana Del Rey
  • LAKE-The World is Real
  • LAKE-Giving & Receiving
  • She & Him-Volume 1&3 (I already have 2)
  • Coexist-The XX
  • Belle and Sebastian-Dear Catastrophe Waitress
  • The Smiths-Meat is Murder
Tomorrow I will be posting part two of my list with more clothing :)


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Life Update

Hey guys! How have you been? I've so missed posting regularly! If you're wondering why I've sort of disappeared from the blogosphere/YouTube, there's only one reason: finals. Ugh, I know. The worst. And I'm taking only three finals this year, too. It's mostly just the sheer amount of homework my teachers have decided to pile on me right at the end of the semester.

Basically I've just wanted to give you guys an update on my life etc etc because I know you care oh so much. (That was sarcasm if it didn't translate well!)

Anyway, the picture at the top of this post is a little something I made from a song called Femme Fatale by the Velvet Underground & Nico. You should definitely listen to it because it's one of my favorite songs of all time, and it's perfect. (I'll be talking more about music in some upcoming posts I have planned out, ooooh!) Anyway, this is the embedded video for the song:

Also, do any of you know much about graphic design and/or typography? I've been incredibly interested the both recently, and I'd love to find some resources to delve further into it over Christmas break.

Another thing I've been up to is actually just a lot of film watching. I've been sick for the past 3 weeks with what I'm convinced is the flu, but I've been having to go to school regardless. My nights consist of a lot of movies. (A lot of Johnny Depp movies, actually) Would you be interested in sort-of reviews of the films I've watched? Let me know in the comments down below!

Basically school has consumed all of my time, so I don't have much to say beyond that. Oh and that I've had a complete latte addiction recently; it's quite necessary with my sickness. :(

If you want to follow me on Bloglovin, click this lil' button here! It's a great way to stay up with all of my current posts. They even send out an email every morning with a list of new posts from all of the blogs you follow! I've been using it myself for over a year. :)
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I'll talk to you soon!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Untitled Thoughts

Hello! I'm back with another Megan-types-words-slghtly-incoherently post today. Also I warn you in advance for any horrendous grammatical errors, because right now I just don't care, and I want to try to make my point. I have a lot of thoughts on growing up/being a teenager/expectations/dreaming. Lately I've been lacking my sense of optimism and dreaming-ness that I usually possess. And by lately I mean probably since the beginning of the summer. For a while I was questioning what had happened to me, but then I kind of realized it: I grew up a little. Which sucks to think about because I've only just turned 17. But over the summer I held an internship at a big scientific company, and it was a rather grown-up job. I had to dress business casual and work 20-30 hours a week. It was an absolutely amazing experience, but I kind of missed out on my last "high school dream summer." I didn't really do much over the summer because I was always working. But what can I do now?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm kind of over that dream of high school and senior year, which is not very fun considering I'm only halfway through this year and I want to graduate already. Which is not a very unique feeling among my peers (if I had a dime for every time I heard,"I'm just done with school already"...) But in all reality, I miss that feeling of being stuck in this place that feels like eternity and that it's never going to end. Life suddenly became so real, and the small things started feeling less and less important as time goes on. Like, I used to LOVE the small things. I loved creating little memories that I could cherish forever and they would never leave me. I remember sitting in a little coffee shop with a boy I liked soon-to-be my boyfriend, talking for hours and hours just about life and what it is and what it means and feeling like it was never going to end. Suddenly it's a year and a half later, and we've been together for just as long, and it's crazy to think where I am in life. I mean, a chapter of my life is about to close and it's hard not to feel like I've missed out on so much, but that brings me to my next point: expectations.

I think my expectations have always been pretty high to begin with, now with access to pretty much the whole world on the internet, combined with exposure to pictures of people having fun on the internet, and teen rom coms, it's hard not to have our expectations raised a little too high.

But then I went back and thought about my high school experiences, and realized that I reached every single milestone I had expected and even more. When I wasn't trying to create these experiences, they just happened. I can remember trying to force myself to have fun at football games, even though I'm not really a social person in that sense. I won't look back on my high school years and think,"Oh wow, I had so much fun at the games. They were some of the best times of my life." No, I'm going to look back and remember how crucial they were to my self-realization of my personality and where I feel most comfortable and who I feel most comfortable around. I'm going to remember passing hundreds of notes between my friend and I in freshman physics, drawing pictures and joking about our favorite shows and books and YouTubers because that's what we liked. I'm not going to remember how bad I felt one day because of how my hair looked or whatever because that's so insignificant in the long run.

I'm going to remember sitting on the dock by myself just drawing and waiting for the sunset because I have always reveled in solitude and the natural beauty of life.

I'm going to remember walking around my neighborhood at one in the morning with my best friends, just talking about anything and everything. And I remembered how perfect it began to be when it started snowing and we were simultaneously laughing and crying because that's what friendship is. It's laughter and tears and sorrow and being together, even when it gets cold.

I'm going to remember sitting in a Dunkin' Donuts at 5 in the morning because I needed to teach my friend geometry the morning before the final.

And most of all I'm going to remember all of the memories I created when I wasn't trying to create them. I'm going to remember when life just fell perfectly into place and everything seemed in sync. But Im also going to remember that these experiences are not completely over; I still have 6 months left with my high school self and my high school friends before we move on to a bigger taste of the real world (As real as college can get).

I guess I'm just feeling nostalgic and sad and hopeful and a little bit terrified of the future, because it is uncertain and I can't control that. But I guess that's what makes it exciting.

I was going to share my December goals on here, but ultimately I have one. And that is to be happy and enjoy myself without thinking too hard about it. I don't know why I've started avoiding people, and maybe it's because I'm afraid of getting too attached in such a short time. Who knows. I don't. All I know is that I need to stop stressing and just be happy. Life is inevitable, and I need to stop being so afraid. But I guess these are probably thoughts that everyone in my situation is going through. Hm. Something to think about.

Thanks for being a friend to talk to

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How To: The Best Hot Chocolate Ever | Foxinater

Hey guys! Just a quick little post here with a new video :) I'm going to start uploading videos every Tuesday & Saturday so definitely look out for that! I'll see you tomorrow in my December Goals post.


Friday, November 29, 2013

Rose in the Sun

Hey guys! How was your Thanksgiving? Happy Black Friday! 
I'm actually writing this post ahead of time because I know I'm going to be too exhausted from shopping to post, so I'm writing this on Wednesday. ^_^
Today my friend Rose came over and modeled for an hour or so for me. I've taken a photography class this semester, and while it is film photography, I decided to take a few snaps on my digital camera. I think some of them turned out beautifully! I love how angelic she looks. 

I hope you enjoyed this quick post and my little snippets :) I also hope you're recovering from your food baby! If you don't have one, you didn't do Thanksgiving right!
Talk to you soon,

Thursday, November 28, 2013

On Being a Person

Disclaimer: Today is a strictly words only post because I have a lot to say, and I'm going to express it the best way I can.

Life is hard. There's no doubt about it. I'm not going to claim to have some special insight or revelation into the world. I'm a seventeen year old girl living in a middle class family in the suburbs. What I do have are opinions and thoughts and ideas that I feel I need to share because, who knows, maybe it will help someone else reach a conclusion that will help bring them closure or comfort.

Being a person is hard. There's no doubt about that either. We have to deal with all of the falseness and feigned empathy in the world. Some people will care, but most others won't.

I've been having a hard time dealing with this recently; I've been noticing only the fake parts of people, and it was truly making me unhappy and unmotivated to do anything. When I started feeling this way, I would turn to fashion and YouTube to inspire and bring me up again, which was both good and bad.

Good because it helped me realize how important my self-expression is to my sanity, and it helped nurture this expression to let it grow and build itself up.

Bad because I sort of lost who I truly am and what and who I truly care about in the process. I slowly became more obsessed with the attention and superficiality of it all, rather than the expression that came from it. I lost myself in expression.

I basically created this notion of who I truly am. I thought,"Wow, I finally found who I am, and now I can be me." but rather than staying true to myself, I stayed true to this image of myself I created.

I had lost the fact that humans are consistently moving and changing and altering the way we see life. Rather than changing this image of myself as I actually changed, I became so obsessed with keeping it I lost myself even further.

I need to realize that my personality isn't always going to be consistent, and I can't force it to be that way. Who I was a year ago is not who I am now. Admitting that is easy, but actually living by it is the hard part.

I think it's important that I be thankful for those who have stuck around with me even though I haven't been that great to them. I was to busy keeping up with people who don't really care all that much about me in the end, that I thought I lost who really counts.

Sometimes we just need to admit when we're wrong. Sometimes we just need to be at fault.

All I know is that I need to work toward being a better person and bringing myself back into the picture. I need to drop this person who is so concerned with acceptance. I need to be me, but not in the,"always be yourself!" way. I need to be me in the sense that I have to stop creating me.

Talk to you guys tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday Wishes: Black Friday Edition

Hello everyone! Happy almost Thanksgiving :)
This is one of my favorite holidays because it combines family, glorious food, and shopping. LOTS of shopping. It's like the perfect day.

This year we're celebrating at my brother-in-law's (eep! so weird to say that) parents' house. This is the first time I'm going elsewhere for Thanksgiving dinner, but I have high hopes! I think it's going to be absolutely lovely ^^ I just hope there will be a vegetarian entrée!

Anyway, in the spirit of Black Friday in a couple of days, I'm going to put together a list of pieces I'll be looking out for on my little shopping adventure!

Pour Moi:
Although I'm going to mostly be doing Christmas present shopping, I have a few things in mind that I want to look out for.

Hunter Boots
Source: Hunter
Ever since I saw HelloKatyxo from YouTube wear these in one of her videos, I've been wanting a pair ever since. I just can't get myself to dish out $140 on a pair of boots, even though I know I'd get a ton of use out of them. I've found an adequate ripoff on eBay, but they aren't as pretty or as nice as these. I'm going to keep a lookout for a discounted pair on Friday! Maybe Nordstrom will have them?

Pixie Jodhpur Pant
Pixie jodhpur pant
Source: J Crew
Pixie jodhpur pant
Source: J Crew
When I started my internship over the summer, I went into J Crew on the hunt for business casual attire. I tried on their pixie pants and fell in love with the fit. Unfortunately the price tag prevented me from buying a pair, but I'm hoping that J Crew will have some sort of sale to lower the price on these (with the leather blocking) so I can make my dreams come true!

More Less Specific Items:
-Plain Skirts (I have too many patterned ones!)
-Plain Shirts (To go with my patterned skirts!)
-Ankle Boots
-Winter Dresses
-Long Sleeved Shirts

Black/Grey Blazer
Source: H&M
My brother requested a nice grey or black blazer for Christmas, and I'm hoping I can find a good one at H&M discounted so I can get him the nicest one possible in his price range.

Source: Loft
Source: Loft
I don't want to say who, even though I know she doesn't read my blog, but I still want to be assured! These are a few sweaters I've been looking at for a certain someone!
I have a ton of other things I'm looking out for, but I don't want to share them because they're a little specific, and I want my presents to be a surprise!

Are you going Black Friday shopping this year? If so, good luck!