Thursday, January 16, 2014

Glory & Gore Go Hand in Hand

Hello again! It seems these days I'm updating my blog & YouTube channel quite frequently. Glad to starting the year off strong :)

I just wanted to write a post about the little things I've been thinking about recently. I've been listening to a lot of Lorde and reading new fashion blogs, and I have all of this new inspiration flooding in and it's quite hard to organize in my head! I used to do this form of journaling (art journaling, I think??) that just included drawing and painting and cutting out pictures on the pages. I think it's a very accurate way of putting down my thoughts into actuality. Some good examples are here and here. I've noticed it's a huge thing with Rookie. (If you don't know what Rookie is, go look it up NOW. You won't regret it)

I feel that most of my stress from last semester is kind of drifting away, and I've had way more time to focus on my reading and art and general craft-making. Truly my only big worries as of current are hearing back from all of the colleges I've applied (MIT, pls, love me) and AP tests which both aren't until the way future. Other than that all I have to do is maintain decent grades, which isn't hard since all of my classes are pretty interesting.

Senior year is strange. I feel closer yet also distant with all of my classmates. It's almost as if I wonder why I should bother making new friends if I'm just going to say seeya in the next 6 months, but then I realize how rewarding it is every single time. Next week I'm going on this 3 day retreat for my school, so I won't have access to the internet or even a clock. It's like complete isolation. But apparently it's amazing, so we'll see.

Basically, life is pretty great right now. It's easy for me to say I'm happy.


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