Sunday, November 3, 2013

Life Lately

Hey guys! How have you been?
I'm starting to get over my stress from missing so much school, which is wonderful. Life is calming down, and I'm learning to take things as they are and enjoy them.

This time of year always has the power to mesmerize me. The colors are so vibrant yet so subdued. 

I went to a couple Halloween parties this year! For one I was Alex from A Clockwork Orange, and at the other my boyfriend and I went as Indiana Jones and Short Round.

I've been obsessing over this Tartan scarf I got from Forever 21. Speaking of F21, they (re)opened a new store in the mall near me, and my friend and I went to the grand opening and got a $50 gift card each! It was pretty rad. 

My mom and I are switching rooms in a few days, and my soon-to-be closet is beautiful. It's bigger than the room itself, and the room is pretty large. I've been scouring Tumblr and other websites to find the perfect inspiration to redo the closet. I'm thinking of painting the whole thing white, getting a fuzzy rug and chiffon curtains, and making it a cute little workspace for my Etsy, Blog, and YouTube! If you want to follow me on Tumblr you can find me at

How has your week been?

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