Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Floral Crowns

Hey guys! Happy Monday ;P
Today I finally listed two autumn-inspired floral crowns I made forever ago! You can find them on my Etsy shop, WearableWishes, here. The first one is the one featured in the photo above. It has cute little sparkly pumpkins and berries all over it. In the corner there's a little black crow hanging out on the crown.

The end of it is tied off with a pink ribbon to make it adjustable for all head sizes and shapes!

How cute is that!? The direct link to this floral crown is here.

This next crown is comparable to the first in ADORABLENESS. It's a 'lil pumpkin crown. Who doesn't want a pumpkin crown!? I almost didn't want to sell this one because I love it so much. The direct link to this one is here.

Pumpkins on pumpkins on pumpkins

I also made a video for my sister as part of her wedding present. It's really cute and you can check it out down below :)

Have a lovely night!

Megan xx

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