Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Blue Envelope

I left my heart at your house,
I slipped a dainty, blue envelope
Quickly through the door.
I folded the edges
As sweetly as I could,
But still my heart remains,
Lying on your floor.

I left my heart in your garden,
The birds sang softly
As it fell slowly to the ground.
Like a petal it floated
In the summer’s air,
But still my heart remains
Untouched, without a sound.

I left my heart in your hands,
I passed it over, just for a moment,
Still chilled from the dew,
Warmed with a subtle hint
Of my affection.
And still my heart remains
With you.

I wrote this poem for my poetry class, and it's one of my poems I feel is actually worth sharing. My professor told me this reminded her of something a female poet from the 19th century would have written, and I love that. 


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