Monday, June 16, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Strawberry Fields

Hey guys! How are you doing on this lovely day?
I have been on a roll with my outfit posts recently, after such a long absence of them! I think I just got used to taking a selfie for Instagram--much easier, but much less rewarding.

I guess with the openness of the Summer, I feel less constrained and more creatively open. It has reminded me how much I love photography (in the loose sense, haha, as far as my skills get me) and how much I miss making YouTube videos and updating you guys about my life.

But less about me, and more about my outfit!

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Glasses: "Selfie" from Bonlook
50s Novelty Print Dress: Vintage from Via's Vintage
Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company
Jelly Shoes: American Apparel
Petticoat: Amazon

 I think that the little strawberry print is absolutely perfect for the Summer. It's the first hot day in a while, after quite the strain of rainy and cold days, so it's finally starting to feel like summer. I'm excited for the potential.

Cheers ,

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