Monday, March 2, 2015

Style Steal: Stevie Nicks

Who's more amazing than Stevie Nicks? She's a tough act to follow. Her voice, her style, her performance... everything about her is beyond phenomenal. Easily one of the biggest it girls of the 70s, she holds a high place in my list of biggest inspirations (right behind Anna Karina and Debbie Harry). 

Tall boots, twirly shawls, black lace, silky ruffles, and feathered hair. 

Stevie Nicks has often been called the "Reigning Queen of Rock 'n' Roll" for obvious reasons, and her music & style have been an inspiration to so many. Just a quick google search for "stevie nicks style inspiration" will yield thousands of results.

In order to make this a true Style Steal, I created several outfits on my polyvore account inspired by her! You can catch these below:

Stevie Nicks #1

Stevie Nicks #2

Stevie Nicks #3

Hope you're having a great start to March; if you can't tell by those outfit collages, I'm crossing my fingers for spring! x


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