Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Wishlist! (New Monthly Post!)

Hello everyone!
Happy July!!
As I stated yesterday, I honestly can't believe that it's already July 1st. Instead of complaining and worrying about it, a change of heart last night pushed me to welcome the oncoming future with welcome arms.
Therefore, I am now going to start a monthly installment where I create a wish list of things I've been absolutely loving for the month.

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July is the month I always associate the most with summer. It's finally moving into the perpetually hot and sunny days, and suddenly all of the county fairs pop up. It's the perfect month, right in the middle of the Summer.

Source: Asian iCandy

Recently, one of my favorite websites to browse has been Asian iCandy. I've always preferred Asian stores over American ones, because a lot of the clothing is much more "cutesy" and retro inspired. (That is besides ModCloth and ShopRuche, those are perfect!) 

Source: Asian iCandy
This is called the Triple Scoop Skirt, and it is the quintessential summer skirt. I love its 50s inspired shape, and the ice cream pattern looks good enough to eat. (I have an ice cream addiction, in case you did not know.)

Source: Asian iCandy
And lastly from Asian iCandy, I have this sort of peasant-y tie up shirt. I adore the pop of blue in the center and on the flowers, and oversized, I think this shirt would be perfect for the effortlessly put together look on a lazy day. It's adorable, but comfortable.

Source: Bonne Chance Collections

Source: Bonne Chance Collections
Bonne Chance Collections is one of those stores that basically embodies my persona. I would wear every single one of their dresses, and that is saying something because I am incredibly picky. I absolutely love everything I've gotten from them, and they honestly have the best customer service. Definitely check them out if you haven't before! 

Source: Eclectic Eccentricity
And finally, I've been in love with this necklace. I originally saw Annika Victoria wearing it in a YouTube video, and I knew that I needed it! I am going into college for astrophysics, so this necklace feels entirely necessary.

Are you excited for July? 


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