Thursday, September 12, 2013

Product Review: American Apparel High-Waisted Twill Wide Leg Pants

Hello again everyone! My pants finally came (eeeeeeep!) 
I'm so excited to review these for you; I've been wanting a pair of red, high-waisted bell bottoms for about two years now. When I found a pair on sale for 50% off at American Apparel, I couldn't resist.
Also I apologize ahead of time for the webcam pictures :( My camera charger decided to disappear.
This is the picture from the site.
Source: American Apparel
I am absolutely smitten with the pants. The color is exactly as shown in the picture above. It's this crushed pear/maroon sort of color. It's absolutely gorgeous.

The length is just right on me, and I'm about 5'8. Shorter people beware: you will probably have to get them hemmed. 

They fit like a dream. I'm wearing a size 26, and they're only slightly too short for my torso, but that's expected because I have a long torso. They cinch in my waist and make my legs look incredibly thin and miles long. Basically I feel like a model. 

They're offered in four other colors, five in total. I am so peachy with these pants that I'm considering investing in another pair before they sold out. Oh, and they have a totally rad 70s vibe that I'm digging. I just love these pants.

What do you think of my new, snazzy pants?
Talk to you soon! 

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