Tuesday, September 3, 2013

On that Elf Status: OOTD

Hello everyone! How was your labor day weekend?
I worked and went thrifting and went to the Renaissance Faire on the last day! It was super fun, and I got all dressed up and had a blast.

I felt like a fairy princess and/or an elf and it was wonderful. I finally got to wear my vintage dress in public without people thinking I look like I belong in the Manson Family!

I went with my boyfriend (Alex) and my super adorable friend, Bailey. I was the only one who dressed up, but I didn't care in the end. I blended in pretty well!

Literally the best!
We got these delicious shave ice things in frozen fruit and I cannot even explain how delicious they are. (We got them last year, and they're definitely one of the main reasons we went again!) I love festivals like these. Being able to dress up and put myself in another world is absolutely amazing,

Not to mention the shopping is to die for!

~*Outfit Details*~

Dress: Vintage 70s Gunnesax
Shoes: Thrifted (a few years ago!)
Circlet: Bought at the Renaissance Faire

What do you think of the look?
Megan! x

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