Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Favorites 1: (Almost Completely!) Mint Edition

Hey guys! Sorry for my absence--because it's the last week of summer, things have been so crazy! I still have a ton of homework to do, and a ton of people to see before my senior year of high school!

Before I get started on some of my favorite findings online, I want to update you on a few things. Recently I joined a collab YouTube channel called WhatsInTheBoxTV, and you can check that out here. I am currently doing the weekly videos for Thursday, and you can watch my first video here.

Another thing is that I'm considering opening an Etsy shop--I discussed it in my update video here! (sorry for all the video links!) But anyway, I think I may open an account to sell vintage and handmade items. I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in buying handmade floral crowns/jewelry. Comment down below and tell me if you'd want to or not! ^^

And lastly, Lollapalooza was SO much fun! It was probably the best weekend of the summer. I'll do an entirely separate post on that, but if you go to the Sunday Highlights on the Lolla YouTube page and stop at 0:38, you can see me in the crowd for Phoenix! Crazy, right!?

Anyway, here is the reason you clicked this post in the first place: Friday Favorites!
One of my favorite pass times in the world is perusing the interwebz, yo. Over time I tend to find some pretty neat stuff.

Isn't this dress just absolutely adorable!? I saw this post over on Mermaidens about this dress, and I fell absolutely in love!
Source: Chateau Marmount Mint Skater Dress from SwayChic
How adorable is this matching skirt and bustier with rockets and robots all over it? I'm pretty certain it has my name on it. 
Outta This World Bustier Top from ModCloth
Source: Modcloth
Outta This World Skirt from ModCloth
Source: Modcloth

I just "discovered" Sheinside a couple weeks ago, and I can't get enough. This mint skirt can be found here. (And hopefully one day in my closet, too!)
Green Elastic Waist Mesh Yoke Pleated Skirt pictures
Source: Sheinside
I'm also absolutely enamored with this sweater from Sheinside! It's perfect in every way.
Light Green Long Sleeve Barbie Print Casual Sweatshirt pictures
Source: Sheinside
I have been in love with these JuJu's for the past couple weeks, and I may just splurge on them.
Source: ASOS
So basically I love anything candy/barbie related, and this phone case meets both standards. 

Source: MagPieMakesIt

I absolutely love the Etsy shop TinyTangerines, and both of these items(this and this!) are absolutely adorable! I want everything in her shop.
Source: TinyTangerines
I hope you are all having a wonderful Friday! :)

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