Tuesday, February 25, 2014


A little snippet of my room.
Stay sassy, everyone. 

How has your week been so far? God, it's only Tuesday. I know, it's awful.
This is the first time this whole semester that we're having a full school week due to all of those nasty snow days this year already. And I'm almost speaking too soon because the low (with windchill) tomorrow is anywhere as bad as -30. Woooooo, Chicago! The strange part of this all is that the sun has a spring feeling to it, even though the air is so biting. I cannot wait for spring. 

I've been feeling rather strange recently. Today, especially, I've been feeling this melancholic nostalgia. I mostly attribute this to the fact I used a purse I haven't used since freshman year, and suddenly I felt like another form of myself. Yesterday in my AP US Government class, we learned about the different roles of the president and how they all overlap each other at the same time. I've been feeling like that recently, with different factions of my self existing all at once and coming to the surface when I need them. I feel like little slices of who I am are showing through, like I'm wearing 50 hats at once, each a different layer of who I am. 

Part of me wants to just be very minimalist and appreciate all of the little things, while another part wants to collect as many little tea cups and sets and just be happy. I'm not really sure what makes me happy at this point; it kind of shifts a lot. I've been feeling pretty incompetent recently, and honestly all I want to do is crawl up in bed and watch K-dramas and Disney movies. But I randomly get these spurts of energy when I feel like I'm on top of the world. I guess it's just regular teenager-hood. 

I had this cute little photoshoot with myself, testing out this new portrait lens my dad gave me. Aren't the photos so pretty? I've always been in love with shallow-depth-of-field. Also, ignore the high contrast and low-res quality. I'm not sure why Blogger has been uploading some of my pictures like this, but I apologize! Also: isn't this the most adorable apron on the face of the planet!? My dad gifted it to me for Christmas, and I finally got the chance to use it a couple of weeks ago.

I guess I'm just in another slump and I need to find my way out. What do you do when you're feeling not sad but kind of uninspired? Let me know.


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